Being told to set the network to testnet by lightningd

Being told to set the network to testnet by lightningd

Console output:

nate@nates-server:~/.lightning$ lightningd
lightningd: WARNING: default network changing in 2020: please set network=testnet in config!
Could not connect to bitcoind using bitcoin-cli. Is bitcoind running?

Make sure you have bitcoind running and that bitcoin-cli is able to connect to bitcoind.

You can verify that your Bitcoin Core installation is ready for use by running:

$ bitcoin-cli -testnet echo ‘hello world’

2020-08-09T21:22:44.513Z INFO plugin-bcli: Killing plugin: Plugin exited before completing handshake.
The Bitcoin backend died.

I have checked and `bitcoind` *is* running. I followed the instructions on []( and used the tar.gz file to install Bitcoin Core. I am trying to follow [this guide]( to set up a Lightning node. I have also checked that the initial block download has completed.

I don’t want to run on the testnet, which is what I assume will happen if I change the `bitcoin.conf` file to set `network=testnet`, I want to run the node on the mainnet. How can I do this?

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