#BITSAILS Exchange is NOW OPEN in #Alpha stage https://bitsails.com

#BITSAILS Exchange is NOW OPEN in #Alpha stage https://bitsails.com

***#BITSAILS Exchange is NOW OPEN in #Alpha stage.***




*BitSails is a brand new p2p exchange platform hub where everyone can easily exchange cryptocurrencies with a counterparty flawlessy and securely.*

We need testers and community leaders, moderators and crypto enthusiasts to become part of our big family.
Start your journey with us and submit your interest to [support@bitsails.com](mailto:support@bitsails.com).
CV is preferred, but skills are more valuable.

**Ultra Fast Trading Engine**
Our custom built trading engine named “Ocean” will handle loads of market and limit orders smooth and fast providing the best trading experience.

**EU Based**
Based in the European Union, we are committed to bring a safe and reliable infrastructure to European based citizens and worldwide users. Your data are used in compliance with GDPR legislations. No risks of personal data leak to malicious third parties.

**Reliable Infrastructure**
Bringing on the table 35+ years of experience combined, BitSails network infrastructure is secure, fast and reliable. We regularly hire pentesters to ensure that our systems are always safe and up to date with the latest security countermeasures against every kind of attack. BitSails is the most efficient and transparent Cryptocurrencies Exchange on the market.

**Security First**
Security is a priority. Two-factor authentication (email or authenticator apps) is required for all funds operations. Our website uses SSL encrypted connection with your browser. We are protected against DDOS by physical and software defenses.

**Lowest Fees**
All trades have a minimum commmission, the lowest compared to other competitors. Every market has it own fee schedule. Deposits and withdrawals are free though transaction fees may be applied by the currency network.

We designed our APIs for high frequency trading and mining pools to build on our platform. We support withdrawals as easy as deposits, as well as trades.

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