"Tax law written in code"

“Tax law written in code”

Is it possible to create a decentralised government? Most definitely – it is. When the right people who understand the idea are in power, then everything is possible. When a certain process in a tax system begins, a society will understand how much they have been robbed by those in power.

The system I am writing about will be created from scratch and updated by programmers worldwide, while government officials will be able to enter data into it. It will be necessary to implement a new digital currency with which the new tax system will be linked. Digital and national money will coexist and complement each other. I want programmers to have real impact on a national economy by optimising the tax system.

I am aware of the consequences of this act, as it boils down to programmers writing the tax law. All you have to do is to give them room for action. Politicians have repeatedly proved that they are inept in creating tax law and that they are untrustworthy.

My doubts would be whether or not to give them total power over the system, where all changes, by the way of most programmers, are immediately implemented without consulting the authorities.

In fact, we do not need geniuses with academic titles before their names in power, but people who can tell good from bad, truth from lies, grain from chaff.

I think this is a direction worth taking, and I hope that there will be people interested in creating such a system, whether or not your efforts ever see the light of day.



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