A Friend of mine recently bought his First Bitcoin and asked for some tips on how to keep it safe... Thought I'd share them here as well!

A Friend of mine recently bought his First Bitcoin and asked for some tips on how to keep it safe… Thought I’d share them here as well!

Here are a few things you can do to keep your Bitcoin safe:

#1 **Use Hardware Wallet:** Hardware Wallets are considered one the safest solution to store your bitcoin. Your private Keys stay offline so chances of a hacker stealing your bitcoin are relatively low.

Wallets like [Trezor](https://trezor.io/) and [Ledger](https://www.ledger.com/) are two of the most popular wallets currently in the market.

#2 **Never Store your Bitcoin on Exchanges:** Most of the major Bitcoin hacks have always taken place at an exchange. Such platforms are always the high target for cybercriminals thus storing your bitcoin/crypto there is not a good idea.

Always withdraw your assets once the trade is made and store them in your personal wallet(s).

#3 **Use separate wallets for daily use and savings:** It is always wise to keep your daily use bitcoin and savings in separate wallets.

If you are using bitcoin for daily transaction your wallet will spend a much higher time online, which increases its risk of getting hacked. Only keep a small amount in such wallets.

Keeping your extra bitcoin separate protects it at such events.

#4 **Keep Backup:** If anything to your device or wallet, the only to recover your funds is through a backup so make sure you have one.

#5 **Store your Private Keys/Wallet Seed Offline and** ***Never*** **Share them:** Make sure that your private keys are securely stored **offline.** This is the most secure way to protect your wallet from hackers.

The same goes for your Wallet Seed. Never store your wallet seed online, in case of a cyber-attack you risk exposing your seed to the hacker if they are stored online.

#6 **Never click links or send your bitcoin to unsolicited schemes:** If the recent Twitter hack has taught us anything its that we should never send bitcoin to ‘quick-rich’ or similar sensational schemes no matter the source.

Always verify the source and get more information before sending your bitcoin.


*Source:* [*Bitcoin & Security: How to keep your BTC Secure*](https://blog.blockonomics.co/bitcoin-security-how-to-keep-your-btc-secure-9826a002043d)

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