London Bitcoin Devs: Socratic Seminar on Bitcoin's Testnet, Regtest and Signet (incl transcription)

London Bitcoin Devs: Socratic Seminar on Bitcoin’s Testnet, Regtest and Signet (incl transcription)

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> This is a Socratic Seminar organized by London BitDevs. We have a few in the past. We had a couple on [BIP-Schnorr]( and [BIP-Taproot]( that were really good with Pieter Wuille, Russell O’Connor and various other people joined those. Videos and transcripts for that are up. For those who haven’t attended a Socratic Seminar before this isn’t a presentation. Kalle (All) is on the call which is great but this isn’t a presentation from Kalle this is a discussion. We have got a [reading list]( up that I have shared in various places on Twitter and on the YouTube. We’ll be going through those links and that will be the structure of the discussion. We will start off from basics. Early on is a great time for people who don’t know too much about Signet to participate. It will get more technical and we will go into the implementation details later. […] As I said Kalle is here which is great. He knows more about Signet than probably anybody else on the planet.

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