txindex=1 server=1 question (node, rpc)

txindex=1 server=1 question (node, rpc)

Edit: solved! Just needed to wait for indexing to catch up

Hi all I’m trying to use btc-rpc-explorer


I have a full node via bitcoin qt. Can I use qt for block explorer?

I launch block explorer and I’m getting rpc error. The webpage states “check rpc connection info”

The github project states I need server=1 and txindex=1. Can I make qt run with these settings? I tried adding them to the .conf but how can I confirm qt is running with these options, in console somehow?

In case I can’t use qt for this I downloaded bitcoind. It looks like I can start the daemon with txindex=1 and server=1 but still getting same connection problem with btc-rpc-explorer.

Do I have to do -reindex=1? Can I do that within qt? If not and I use bitcoin cli will it disrupt qt in any way?


Edit: this is on Ubuntu

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