Warning: Very professional-looking Ledger phishing emails

Warning: Very professional-looking Ledger phishing emails

Just wanted to give people a heads-up that there is an ongoing phishing attack of very legit-looking emails against Ledger customers that are using the data compromised from the July 2020 data breach to both target and personalize the emails. The only real tells are that the emails have an excessively urgent tone, that they are timed to the middle of the weekend, and that they link to a suspicious domain that was registered yesterday (ledger support dot io) instead of the official ledger.com homepage.

[Information about the original data breach](https://www.ledger.com/addressing-the-july-2020-e-commerce-and-marketing-data-breach)

Body of the email:


>We regret to inform you that Ledger has experienced a security breach affecting approximately 85,000 of our customers and that the wallet associated with your e-mail address (ACTUAL EMAIL ADDRESS) is within those affected by the breach.

>Namely, on Saturday, October 24th 2020, our forensics team has found several of the Ledger Live administrative servers to be infected with malware.

>At this moment, it’s technically impossible to conclusively assess the severity and the scope of the data breach. Due to these circumstances, we must assume that your cryptocurrency assets are at risk of being stolen.

>If you’re receiving this e-mail, it’s because you’ve been affected by the breach. In order to protect your assets, please download the latest version of Ledger Live and follow the instructions to set up a new PIN for your wallet.


(Followed by a button to download the presumably malware-riddled “latest version”)

Of course, you should only ever download Ledger Live from the official website.

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