Hats off to LearnMeABitcoin.com (not my site)

Hats off to LearnMeABitcoin.com (not my site)

Just wanted to take a moment thank the *Learn Me A Bitcoin* developer. I’ve seen the site pass by in some other posts but never really spent enough time on it. The amount of interlinked resources are endless. Much more technical than I expected, and all extremely well presented.

* [Learn Me A Bitcoin](https://learnmeabitcoin.com/)

I used the [blk.dat](https://learnmeabitcoin.com/technical/blkdat) article when I wanted to write a [blk.dat dump utility](https://github.com/brianddk/reddit/blob/master/python/dump-blkdat.py). A very informative process. I learned, for example, that blocks are not stored sequentially in the file. I suspect that while syncing in the morning, they are just added in the order seen which can be non-sequential.

`@mods`, Can I open a petition to consider adding the site to the r/Bitcoin resources menu?

cc: u/in3rsha

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