A guide to install WireGuard VPN on RaspiBolt

A guide to install WireGuard VPN on RaspiBolt

I made [this guide](https://github.com/Pantamis/RaspiBolt/blob/master/raspibolt_76_WireGuard_VPN.md) months ago.

I submitted a PR to add it in RaspiBolt Guide but no review for now.

Using a Home VPN server is nor anonymous neither censorship resistant (if you need this feature, you must use Tor). However you can access the service of your RaspiBolt node without exposing them to internet and with a much better connection (WireGuard is a lot faster and reconnect to your home network instantly while Tor can be quite long to restart ). You can run both in any case.

I rated it for advanced users, but you should be able to successfully install everything by copy-pasting the command lines (and filling blanks like private keys). You need to know how to forward the port on your home router to the RaspiBolt for WireGuard and setup the client devices that are allowed to connect to the VPN as explained in the guide.

I hope it will be useful to someone !

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