How could people be so clueless?

How could people be so clueless?

I am working in a bookmaker myself and i am well aware that there are a lot of lower league manipulated games, because we often block markets for suspicious betting.Although i am pretty sure that all of the people online(or 99.9999999%) who offer fixed/manipulated games are SCAM i had nothing to do today so i decided to waste the time of some scammers.

I wrote some key words in telegram and the first group that popped up was followed by more than 200k people.Buying telegram followers is a common thing so i wasn’t surprised.Fake winning photos, pictures of expensive cars, currency, cash… nothing new.Just another scammer.

The SCAM group was accepting payments with bitcoin so i decided to search the provided address in the blockchain.I thought yeah sure there will be a fool or two who gave this guy money, but i was fucking shocked.I will let you decide for yourself.


287 transactions and total received: 47 btcs.With the current rate of $15,300 this equals almost $800,000 .How could that even be real?How can people be so fucking clueless to believe this obvious scammer?I mean he was offering correct scores from Championship which is impossible to fix.There is no doubt the guy is a scammer, but how the fuck people were buying his bullshit and giving him money???HOW. 800k are you kidding me.I don’t know for how long this telegram group was operating, but i can work my entire life and i will not even be close to [800k.](https://800k.How)Is it really that easy to become rich by doing fraud???

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