Lightning Network stats overview

Lightning Network stats overview

Despite the active development that is going on in the space, fundamental stats like:

**Number of Nodes**: 15,025

It’s the total number of funded nodes that have ever been added to the network, including nodes running over TOR. Of course the amount of active nodes is a little bit lower than that, but is increasing steadily.


**Number of channels**: 35,913

Channels are payment connections between nodes used to route funds from A to B. High numbers aren’t necessarily superior though because the more (small) channels there are, the longer path finding takes to find a fitting route to the destination.

Multi Path Payments payments (for anyone curious: []( are improving the situation, just as well as the value of 1 Satoshi increasing, because smaller capacity channels get more valuable and useful.

So looking really solid as well in my opinion.


**Lightning Network Capacity:**

Is the publicly visible amount of Bitcoin available inside payment channels. As of the time writing it is at least 1073 Bitcoin (at the minimum, since private channels are not included) so the actually capacity may be a lot bigger than that.

The number is steadily increasing over time as well and reflects confidence in the network because more and more people feel confident putting funds in channels as lightning matures.


All stats can be found and tracked on [](

Despite merchant and exchange adoption, I think these are some stats to check over time to get an idea of the health and progress of the lightning network, which are looking really promising.

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