AgoraDesk now supports importing reputation from LocalBitcoins and/or Paxful!

AgoraDesk now supports importing reputation from LocalBitcoins and/or Paxful!

[AgoraDesk]( is a P2P Bitcoin trading platform that was created as a private and secure alternative to LocalBitcoins to allow people to buy or sell Bitcoins anywhere.

#AgoraDesk’s features include:

* No platform-enforced KYC/AML or verification
* Any currency, any payment method, anywhere
* Online Bitcoin trading
* Offline cash face-to-face Bitcoin trading
* Full escrow protection on all online trades
* No deposit fees, fair withdrawal fees
* Fast and responsive support
* No email during registration
* Onion portal
* I2P portal
* No-JavaScript version of the site (loads by default when accessing from Tor or I2P)
* Fully functional when Google is blocked
* Affiliate program – earn commission for inviting trading users
* Multilingual: we support English, Russian, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Italian, Portuguese and Spanish
* Mobile notifications through Telegram, so that you won’t have to install yet another app on your phone just to get push notifications about your trades (LocalBitcoins implemented this feature after us)
* Beautiful ads through the use of Markdown
* 2FA (with TOTP apps like Google Authenticator or andOTP)
* Deposit and withdraw currencies other than BTC through MorphToken integration
* Complicated pricing mechanisms through the use of price formulas
* Fully functional API modeled after LocalBitcoins API for easy transition
* [And more…](

If you have an account on LocalBitcoins or Paxful and you’d like to import the reputation you have worked for while trading on these platforms, you can now do so! To do it, simply open your settings page and navigate to the reputation import tab. Your LocalBitcoins/Paxful trades will be added to your total trade count and your other stats will be displayed on your user page.

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