Building the HODLER'S village (Citadel#1?)

Building the HODLER’S village (Citadel#1?)

It’s easy to feel frightened by what is going on in the world lately. While I am not a “prepper” with guns/food/shelter, I sure have been overwhelmed by negative outlook about our future… even if this future will likely make me significantly wealthy.  

Today, I was reading about CitadelOne stories ([]( and I had kind an epiphany. Perhaps, I own what it takes to make this “city”.


Well, I do own ~56 acres / 23 Ha of land that happens to be the plateau of the largest mountain of the surrounding area. I bought it to make a Teak wood plantation but I think this land could be much more useful.

This is located in one of the best country for digital nomads like us bitcoiners… the Panama!

* No Income Taxes 
* Extremely low municipal taxes (less than 200$USD/year)
* Low cost of living (the capital city is expensive but inside the land is 2-3x cheaper)
* Low cost of labour (~25$USD/day), for ~400$USD/month you will have a personal nanny that will cook/clean do whatever needed 6 days/week
* Strong business laws & banking system
* Relatively safe ([](
* Extremely nice weather
* Strategically located in the center of the Americas
* Free Trade Zone (Colon) 
* Quick & inexpensive to get residency (less than 5k/ 6months)

Realistically, someone making 50,000$USD per year (remotely) would live like a king there. Someone worth ~1,000,000$USD / 40 BTC can retire… today. 

Then, if we look at the land in particular, there are some very nice features.

* Secluded. A whole mountain for us. 
* Less than 10 minutes from supermarkets etc.
* Secure (in case of SHTF), no standing army in the country and far from the urban center (5 hours in car)
* Lots of wind, could most likely power some wind turbines. Bonus, the wind makes it way less humid/hot
* Close to the beach, less than 1 hour (there is a sea view where my land is)
* 2 hours away from International Airport.
* Lots & lots of cheap food, it’s a big agricultural area… it’s basically only farmlands in the region.
* There is a creek for water supply
* Connected to the grid (less than 1.5km/1 miles from Power source)

In Panama you can get a nice 250m2/2500sq2 house for like 150k$USD.

On the initial 56 acres, there could be like 100 houses build when accounting with the roads/community facilities. Most the remaining land is owned by my wife’s family and it could be bought. We’re talking of:Total area: 3.24 km² (1.25 mi²)

Below are some photos, sorry for the bad quality.. I took them when making the study for the plantation. I am currently back in Canada because my wife will soon give birth.

The mountain: [](

Location: [](

Land I own: [](

Total land: [](

Entrance: [](

East view (sea): [](

North view: [](

West view: [](

If some people are interested to talk about this feel free to comment/ask any questions.

Ideally, if I get serious people interested I could commissions people to start drawing some plans etc.

Maybe I have been day-dreaming but who knows…?

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