Is it worth it to trade on Bisq?

Is it worth it to trade on Bisq?

Nearly all exchanges require photo ID or some sort of legal identification and some require more, like a proof of address. I kind of feel uncomfortable giving such information. I want to buy bitcoin and was looking at buying it from Bisq. However, I found the fees that exchanges offer (which some were <1%) much better than those in Bisq, which in some cases were around the 8-10% range. I want to trade in Bisq because of said privacy, I feel the government might cause me trouble in the future if they find out I trade bitcoin. I’m not doing anything illegal its just that I don’t want trouble with my taxes. Am I just being paranoid or is it worth it to trade on Bisq?
I live in the UK. Sorry if it’s a bad question.

Also, is []( a good exchange since it seems to be No-KYC?

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